lunes, 8 de marzo de 2010

Somebody put me together.

Back and forth, I sway with the wind
Resolution slips away again
Right through my fingers, back into my heart
Where it's out of reach and it's in the dark
Sometimes I think I'm blind
Or I may be just paralyzed
Because the plot thickens every day
And the pieces of my puzzle keep crumblin' away
But I know, there's a picture beneath
Indecision clouds my vision
No one listens...
Because I'm somewhere in between
My love and my agony
You see, I'm somewhere in between
My life is falling to pieces
Somebody put me together
Layin' face down on the ground
My fingers in my ears to block the sound
My eyes shut tight to avoid the sight
Anticipating the end, losing the will to fight
Droplets of yes and no
In an ocean of maybe
From the bottom, it looks like a steep incline
From the top, another downhill slope of mine
But I know, the equilibrium's there
Indecision clouds my vision
No one listens
Because I'm somewhere in between
My love and my agony
You see, I'm somewhere in between
My life is falling to pieces
Somebody put me together

Should I doing this?
It doesn't matter, not now. Let the vodka make some mess, some effect. Let the feelings appear. Let's forget about being shy. Anyhow, tomorrow is another day for regrets. Not now.

It wasn't. There was just one mistake there, and she told me later. The destiny changed, and she was glad.

It was always a race. and I was winning. I was there. At some point I was running, but I wasn't in the road.

I wish I could. I wish it could happen. When I was there I wasn't sure. I was tired. But I never surrender. That there was me. That, here, is me. That post is me.

Lies, mistakes, errors. Misundertandings. Confusion, fear and panic in the air. Another long test, I guess.

Okay. Okay.

The best I've ever had.

That was the only advice. The only one. And it worked. Late, but it did. But it happened again and no one was listening.

Some text messages. Some songs, but now no one is singing but me.

Some seats now are empty. Some thaters without movies. Some hands just hanging in the air.

That's was I saw. That was the movie, not in the screen but in the seats. How many stars? How many stars, now?

Tic, tac, tic tac. Crash. The clock stopped. There's a watchmaker near?

Some of us, are in the middle of the crowd. Some of us, are creeps. Some of us, thinks that it should be raining.

Porchia was right. But Porchia is dead. I wish Porchia were here.

Information-high. So much letters, words, voices. And all it's a game. Yep, I guess I was a game. Again.

That were pieces, pieces of me.

Sunwatch, again. Confusion and "try hard, because you can" again.

Between everything, between the earthquakes, the lifes, the people, the problems, the eyes closed. When I¡m sad, when I'm thirsty.

And they do. I was blue, your were blue. And now... now I'm not quite sure what colors remains.

True. So long and I still believe it's true. True and away.

Seconds. Minutes, so far away. So deeply inserted in time. So deep, so far.

"Along the way you bump into people who make a dent on your
life. Some people get struck by lightning. Some are born to sit by a river. Some
have an ear for music. Some are artists. Some swim the English Channel. Some
know buttons. Some know Shakespeare. Some are mothers. And some people... can

So many time and the same fear. So many changes, things, days, and I still remember this. I still believe this was my life before.

More cards, more names. More tears, more fears. More changes and I wanted more. I was always looking for more. Just enough to feel something again.

My movie was in colours. My movie was meant to be that way. Why it's in black and white, again?
David: "I know you miss her, I mean, you told me you did. But maybe it's not just the cooking or the cleaning that you miss. Maybe it's something else. Maybe you can't even describe it. Maybe you only know it when it's gone. Maybe it's like there's a whole piece of you that's missing, too. Look at her, Dad. Doesn't she look pretty like that? Doesn't she look just as beautiful as the first time you met her? Do you really want her back the way she was? Doesn't she look wonderful? Now, don't you wish you could tell her that?"
Yes, David, I wish I could.

Where is? I wanna go there. I wanna be there.
"Clementine: Joely? What if you stayed this time?
Joel: I walked out the door. There's no memory left.
Clementine: Come back and make up a good-bye at least. Let's pretend we had one.
[ Joel comes back]
Clementine: Bye Joel.
Joel: I love you...
Clementine: Meet me... in Montauk..."

Not the best way. Not the best day, not the best drink. But the true is, that there was me too. And I was scared. Yeah, I was so fucking scared.

That was some days before everything. That was me believing. That was me so lost, but with everything inside. And it worked. Believe always worked.

And don't tell me "poor", for being travelling this way. Don't you see that I'm satisfied? Don't you see that I'm happy? Don't you??

I gambles, I was happy. I was holding you. I was with four phrases in my chest. I was there.

Tell me that old lies are alive. Tell me that everything is not lost. Tell me that everything was important. Tell me that everything wasn't just an experience.

What happen when you have a decease and theres no cure at all? What? You die. That's for sure.

That's it. And this is the result when you left my hand.

And the history has more. But I'm not here to tell more. Everything is in this pages. Hide, but everything can see. And there's nothing left I can do. And that's because... because I'm sure.
Like always. I always was sure.

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