martes, 16 de febrero de 2010

This is not a secret.

Some pictures makes me laugh. Some makes me cry. Some... both.
There are certain questions that remains hanging in the air. Certain things that when are just thought, are yet unfinished. Everything that happens outside of my eyes is weird. It's funny how the days are so different. And long.
I have something inside. No stops. I hate self-reference, but it's like listening to different bells. The tunes are not the same, are like two different songs. One is like classical music before bed, while the other is a quick and extreme tune. As sadness and faith. Like when your body feels it is not consonant with your soul. Something is missing. In some ways, it is there. There have been worse times, of course. Best, too. It is a middle ground. As no man's land.
Like being lost in the known.
Life causes this. No blame. Shit happens.
The important thing is to believe, I suppose. Anyhow, if I say that I'm missing, would not be new.
Anyway, everybody knows it. Including who should know.
That calms me a bit. That makes me hang in the air too.

I just hope I'll wake up in a morning as once I woke up with eyes glued on mine.
That would be happiness, again.

I'm missing, and that's not a secret.
I'm loving, and that's not a lie.

I guess this is another test to myself and us.

"-you think a kiss can fix it all?

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